What is an ARCWAY Cockpit license?

An ARCWAY Cockpit license is a signed file which activates the complete functionality of ARCWAY Cockpit for a fixed period of time. Without this license, ARCWAY Cockpit can be used not at all or, at best, very limitedly.

This is valid for ARCWAY Cockpit Professional as well as ARCWAY Cockpit Enterprise. Depending on the ARCWAY Cockpit edition, there are different types of licenses.

ARCWAY recommends the careful storage and protection of licences.

What types of licenses are available for ARCWAY Cockpit Enterprise?

Licenses for ARCWAY Cockpit Enterprise are either client licenses or concurrent licenses.

Client Licenses

Client licenses allow server access for exactly one person; this person is identified via Windows username or pc identification.

Userbound client licenses are tied to a Windows user. The Windows user is the name used for Windows login. ARCWAY Cockpit Professional can thus be installed and used on multiple pcs, provided that the same Windows user is logged in.

Pc-bound client licences are tied to one explicit pc identification. Here, ARCWAY Cockpit can be used only on one pc.

Reader Licenses

Reader licenses allow simultaneous reading server access for a limited number of users. Reader licenses are loaded on the server. With a reader license users can see the complete content of Cockpit projects, but they can insert and modify only issues.

Concurrent Licenses

Concurrent licenses allow simultaneous server access for a limited number of users. Concurrent license are only sold as part of individual licenses packages.

Client and concurrent licenses can be combined freely.

Please take into account that only users possessing client licenses can use the offline mode of ARCWAY Cockpit.

What types of licenses are available for ARCWAY Cockpit Professional?

Licenses for ARCWAY Cockpit Professional are client licenses (see above) bound to exactly one user or one pc. Which license type will be used can be determined by each customer individually.

How do I obtain licenses for ARCWAY Cockpit?

ARCWAY Cockpit Enterprise and ARCWAY Cockpit Professional Licenses are charged for.

Once the licenses are purchased, these can be requested via email: license(at)arcway(dot)com.

Depending on the type of purchased or desired license additional information, such as the Windows username or pc identification, must be specified.

The information required for client licenses is displayed in ARCWAY Cockpit. To view these informations, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Preferences: Window > Preferences
  2. Open License dialogue: ARCWAY Cockpit > Licenses
User settings - licenses

User settings – licenses

If you haven’t yet purchased licenses or wish to purchase further licenses, please referr to sales(at)arcway(dot)com or call us: 0049 – 30 – 800 9783 – 0

I have been sent a client license. How can I load it?

Client licenses for ARCWAY Cockpit Professional or Enterprise can be loaded as follows:

  1. Install ARCWAY Cockpit
  2. Launch ARCWAY Cockpit
  3. Open Preferences: Window > Preferences
  4. Load the license file: ARCWAY Cockpit > Licenses > Load license

Load a license

Load a license

I have been sent a reader or concurrent license for ARCWAY Cockpit Enterprise. How can I load it?

Reader and concurrent licenses are filed on the ARCWAY Cockpit Enterprise server. Please take detailed information concerning the loading of concurrent licenses from the installation manual of the server.

How can I see the username in Windows?

The Windows username is the name used for Windows login. In case Windows login is performed automatically and you do not know the username, proceed as follows:

  1. Open a command line: Start > Run > cmd

    Call windows command line

    Call windows command line

  2. Enter following command in the command line: echo %USERNAME%

    Windows command line

    Windows command line

  3. The Windows username is shown in the follwong line