Sample Project CarPart for Requirements Specifications

CarPart explains the central components of ARCWAY Cockpit 3 on the basis of a midsized trader of car replacement equipment. You can test the automatically generation of a specification document with this sample project.

Specification Document

This specification document depicts an IT project of the mid-sized company CarPart, which sells car spare parts. The project starts with an analysis of the business process, which ist use to systematically derive requirements for the supporing technology solutions.

The document has been completly generated with ARCWAY Cockpit. All diagramms and texts are maintained in ARCWAY Cockpit.

ARCWAY Cockpit Project File

Here you find the samle project as ARCWAY Cockpit project file. You can download the zip-file on your computer, unzip the project file (.acp) and load it into your ARCWAY Cockpit.

ReadMe for ARCWAY Cockpit Project File

This ReadMe describes how to load the project fle into ARCWAY Cockpit and explains the content.

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