7 Reasons for ARCWAY Cockpit

„My diagrams in ARCWAY Cockpit can be understood intuitively by anyone, may it be the CEO, colleagues in the business units or IT professionals.“

Alignment processes are critical for the success of each project. Here, it is of high importance that all parties have in mind a common picture, especially in domains as complex as IT and business processes. Using ARCWAY landscape diagrams, which are based on the Fundamental Modeling Concepts (FMC), this is easy to achieve.

„In ARCWAY Cockpit I can navigate quickly from the overview to the details.“

In each major project the challenge has to be met not to get lost in details. The whole issue must be kept track of, in order to successfully achieve the objectives. In ARCWAY Cockpit you can navigate via drill-down by just a few clicks from the project or company overview to the technical details. Hierarchies are a general means of structuring information in ARCWAY Cockpit. Identifying adequate levels of abstraction will help you to clearly structure even complex systems.

„In ARCWAY Cockpit I have all the relevant information in a single tool.“

Business processes, organisational strcuture, IT landscape, interfaces, data structures, objectives, requirements, open issues… Usually these pieces of information are kept in different tools in different places or are even distributed by e-mail. In ARCWAY Cockpit you have all the relevant information you need for planning and coordination of processes, solutions and projects ready to access in a single tool. The question „Which one is the current state?“ will never occur again.

„In ARCWAY Cockpit I can keep track of the correlations between the various pieces of information.“

The complexity of business processes and IT does not mainly arise from the mere amount and variety of the related information, but from its diverse correlations. When you select an information item like a business process or a requirement in ARCWAY Cockpit, all the relations to other pieces of data are shown to you in a clearly-arranged view. A single click navigates you to any of these pieces of data. Thanks to the optimised technical architecture of ARCWAY Cockpit this does not take more than a split second, even for huge amounts of data.

„Through ARCWAY Cockpit I can easily involve my business partners in my projects.“

Assuring a good knowlegde transfer within and between teams is one of the major tasks of a project manager. The architecture of ARCWAY Cockpit allows for easy and direct access of information by business partners like customers or suppliers. This does not only save travel expenses. The immediate availability of all relevant information in a structured form also effectively prevents misguided developments.

„In ARCWAY Cockpit I can precisely define, which pieces of information may be modified by each party.“

Through the elaborate permission concept, you can determine by whom each piece of information may be modified in ARCWAY Cockpit. Modifications are always recorded with author and date and are thus traceable.

„ARCWAY Cockpit is easy to learn. You’ll be productive shortly.“

The ARCWAY method and the tool ARCWAY Cockpit are intuitive and easy to learn. You do not need entensive training for the tool, but can be productive in your projects right from the start. We will be glad to assist you with your concrete tasks.