Product Management

A primary challange for product managers is the complexity of modern products. This complexity occurs on two levels: the technical level and the functional level

Aligning the technical and the functional view is one of the core tasks of a product manager: bridging the gap between the functionality sold to the customers and the technical constructions of the development teams.

ARCWAY landscapes provide an overview

With ARCWAY landscapes you can set up an understandable and clear structure of the functionality of your product. Set up a solid basis for your teams, even in those cases, where software, electronics and mechanics come together. ARCWAY landcapes help you to ensure that the complexity is always kept track of.

Understand your product’s features in a clear context

The connection of ARCWAY landscapes with requirements management ensures that each single requirement can be seen in a clear context. You can plan and coordinate your development in a target-oriented way.

Knowledge kept track of

With ARCWAY Cockpit Enterprise Edition the knowledge of your team is accessible at one single point for all your team members. The question „Who has the current version of my specification document“ will never occur again. You avoid mistakes and your team becomes more efficient and faster.

Examples for Product Management with ARCWAY Cockpit:

  • IT-standard software
  • web applications
  • software to integrate other technical components in business solutions
  • electronic components and devices