Process and IT Documentation

Well-made process and IT documentations provide a variety of advantages for your company and are in many cases required for certifications, such as e.g. ISO-9000.

ARCWAY Cockpit supports you in creating professional documentations for various purposes – with little effort.

With the help of ARCWAY Cockpit, the following types of documentations, as well as combinations of them, can be created:

  • A process manual, which graphically documents business processes and, if required, contains detailed operating instructions or links to further documents. This process manual serves the purpose of creating and maintaining standards and simplifies the training of new employees. Process manuals provide a basis for the certification of companies.
  • A project documentation describes the business processes, which have been created or customised in the project, and their IT implementation. It provides support during the changes an organisation is undergoing after a successful project and can serve as a basis for employee trainings.
  • An IT documentation of the existing application environment and the resulting ITIL processes supports the administration of IT infrastructures and the planning of new projects.
  • A product architecture describes the central functional components, the supported processes, and detailed technical aspects such as e.g. data structures or protocols, of a software product. It serves for the purpose of planning the enhancement or adaption of a product.

A major advantage in the documentation with ARCWAY Cockpit compared to standard Office applications is the fact that the models used in the different types of documentation are all stored in a central repository. This ensures that the processes described in the process manual are in line with the application environment described in the IT documentation.

The easy creation of project documentations is a further advantage of ARCWAY Cockpit. In many cases, this is done hastily, carelessly, and unprecisely at the end of the project and often lacks the desired quality. If the project has been specified and implemented with ARCWAY Cockpit on the basis of graphical process and IT models, the documentation can be exported as a Word or HTML document at any given time between the beginning and termination of the project.

The necessary integration of project results into the existing project models after the project has been completed reveals another advantage of ARCWAY Cockpit. The element repository, which contains all model elements such as process steps or IT applications, supports you in this respect. It shows the hierarchical dependencies of the elements, sparing you the necessity to study each process separately. The compilation of process manuals containing partially outdated processes is a thing of the past.