Confidently Implementing Business Processes and Solutions

Ensure clear initial situation

Minimise project risks by creating a clear and agreed initial situation for your project.

With ARCWAY landscapes you are able to present both the current and the target state of a project in a comprehensible and clear way. In collaboration with the customers the project goals can be specified and possible project risks can be identified already in the run-up.

If ARCWAY landscapes have been applied already during solution sales, you can benefit from the improved knowledge transfer between sales and implementation.

Establish standards for processes and projects

Increase your project performance.

With ARCWAY Cockpit you are able to create templates for processes and requirements which typically play a role in your implementation projects. This saves time when creating the detailed business specification, as solution components usually only have to be adopted and adapted.

Furthermore, standardised and documented solution components make it easier to add new staff members to the project.

Document projects efficiently

Document correctly.

ARCWAY landscapes ensure that you do not get lost in details when documenting processes. Detailed process models are possible, but are created only when necessary. Thus, you save time when creating and continuously adapting models and descriptions.

At the push of a button you create complete and up-to-date Word and HTML documents, which can contain any project detail as text in addition to the processes and landscapes.