Creating Requirement Specification

The most common reason for the failure of IT projects: requirements of the specialised departments are not correctly collected or implemented faultily or not at all.


Business departments think and talk about process sequences, while IT departments talk about systems, classes, applications, and databases. A shared language, with which all relevant questions concerning specification of IT projects are discussed, is missing.

This is where ARCWAY Cockpit comes into action. It defines a continuous and, above all, comprehensible path from the business process analysis to the specification of IT projects.

Requirements Overview

Requirements Overview

ARCWAY Cockpit integrates visual models of business processes, business and application landscapes, which show the project from the perspectives of business and IT departments. With the help of these models, problems can be discussed coherently and requirements be derived easily.

Thus, ARCWAY Cockpit offers unrivalled advantages also in the field of requirement management. By the presentation in visual models, a coherent picture of the requirements emerges.

The quality of requirement specifications increases: the origin of requirements and existence of interdependencies becomes transparent. Subsequent modifications in projects due to unclear requirements are reduced and traceable prioritisations are made possible.