From the Demand to the Concept

You have the need to automatise your business processes via software in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs, fulfill external conditions or enter new markets.

We help you predefine in which way remodelled processes get profit-optimised support by a new application system, our focus always being on the maximised value proposition of an application in your processes.

We help you close the gap between business requirements and IT-implementation without losing track of the user and the business profit.

Nothing is worse than a system which is either not accpeted by the users or does not fulfill the desired business profit.

Our Services

Creation of complete and professional Requirement or Business Requirements

  • structured interviews and analyses with your specialised and IT departments
  • identification and creation of process optimisations
  • collection and analysis of business requirements
  • definition of requirements for IT-integration

Assistance in Bidding Processes

  • creation of specifications of terms
  • comparison of software providers
  • cost-benefit/risk-benefit analyses
  • „make, buy or configure“-decision making

Project Examples

In addition to general advice on process analysis and requirements management, we also support you in operational tasks within your projects and create all the specifications and tender documents.

Here are some examples:

  • Introduction and ongoing support of an enterprise requirements management process for one of the largest water utility companies in Germany. Creation of specifications for a variety of service processes.
  • Complete creation of a relevant tender specification for the comprehensive modernization of the IT landscape for one of the largest universities in Germany.
  • Specification and support for a call for a web-based B2B platform in the healthcare field.
  • Enterprise-wide process design and derivation of functional concepts for the redesign of applications for one of the largest facility services.
  • Specification of a networked system in home installations.